30 Positive Things To Say To Your Kids All The Time

30 Positive Things To Say To Your Kids All The Time

If you nag to your kids you’re not alone. We want our children to be honest, motivated, and confident. Because they’re not there yet, you naturally annoy them to change their behavior and character. But at the equal time, you realize that all this nagging isn’t accomplishing anything. Here are the positive things to say to your kids all the time.

1. “I’m grateful for you.” Kids feel extraordinary when they know you’re grateful that they’re a part of your life.

2. “What do you think?” Ask this subject to confirm that you consider your children’s feelings.

3. “I enjoy spending time with you.” Children and teens act better when they understand that you embrace them and like them.

4. “All of us make mistakes.” Say this instead of brutally criticizing your kids for accidental mistakes.

5. “You’re special to me.” This expression will help to fill your children’s “love container”.
30 Positive Things To Say To Your Kids All The Time
6. “I appreciate it when you . . .” For instance, you say, “I appreciate it when you placed the table for supper.”

7. “I trust you.” Kids and teens who feel as if their mothers trust them are also likely to become reliable.

8. “You’re getting better at . . .” When you see your kid's growth, they’ll feel positive and happy.

9. “Have a good day!” This is an easy way to start the day on a sure note when you say goodbye to your kids in the daylight.

10. “Let me think about it.” This is a better choice than naturally saying no to your children’s calls considering the demands aren’t too extreme.

11. “What happened here?” Ask this query rather of casting charge or hopping to conclusions, e.g. when you see that a bit of furniture has been destroyed.

12. “It seems like you’re having a hard time. Can you explain it to me?” This is an efficient way to get your kids to open up.

13. “I’m sorry.” When you’ve committed a mistake, be natural, and apologize.

14. “Your work is paying off.” Kids and teens like it when their parents recognize that their efforts have yielded results.
30 Positive Things To Say To Your Kids All The Time
15. “How did you make that?” This topic helps your kids to concentrate on the method instead of the result.

16. “What transpired in class today that made you happy?” By asking your kids this question, they’ll be more inclined to open up as opposed to you asking, “How was your day?”

17. “What did you try hard today?” This emphasizes to your kids that working hard and developing are more powerful than performing a particular end result.

18. “I’m certain you can do it.” Tell this to your kids to give them a lift of self-confidence.

19. “You choose.” Kids learn to make smart choices by making more extra choices, not by obeying the guidance of authority figures.

20. “What do you think about that?” This topic will help your kids to convert be emotionally self-aware.

21. “I’m willing to listen.” By showing your kids that you’re eager to listen without judging, they’ll be more ready to share what’s in their hearts.

22. “I love you.” Kids and teens require to know that they’re cherished completely.

23. “You make me laugh.” By telling this, you’ll get your children’s day.

24. “Your idea is necessary.” Your kids will feel important when you tell this to them. And if they feel important, they’ll act more responsibly.

25. “You were true all along.” Own it when you’re mistaken. Your kids will appreciate you for it.

26. “I can see that you’re turning more into. . .” Fill in the blank with “honest”, “healthy”, “organized “ as you recognize even little real changes in your kids.
30 Positive Things To Say To Your Kids All The Time
27. “I’m passionate about making this with you!” This emphasizes to your kids that you really appreciate making things synchronically with them.

28. “That’s a great question.” By accepting your children’s interest, you’ll promote the quality of lifetime learning in them.

29. “I take you the way you are.” Parents want to raise children who are strong and confident. Telling this to your kids is a great way to support them down the right way.

30. “You’re a valuable member of this family.” Tell your kids often of their benefit and importance as a part of the family.
30 Positive Things To Say To Your Kids All The Time
One of the several significant parts of children is how their mothers and fathers speak to them. The more actual and positive communications within the parent and child, the less likely it is that the parents will want to nag the kid in order to gain compliance.


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